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Checking in from San Antonio, TX. I've been reading and lerking on this board for about two years. I've learned and taken in so much great information here. Never really chimed in because my previous bike was a twinkie. Been wanting a Shovelhead for about three years. Finally got the right opportunity and price so here she is! She's an '84 FXSB. She's matching numbers frame, engine, and trans. She came to me with an oem king and queen seat and all the bling bling chrome you see. Beginning plans for her include some dechroming, smaller seat, taller narrow apes, black mags, and ride the hell outta her. So far I've changed all her fluids and done the regular maintenance stuff. She leaks oil as normal; but has a good leak from the tranny. No suprise. But she runs super strong and fires right up every time. Overall I'm super stoked to have my first vintage bike. I look forward to learning as much as possible and contributing what I can to this board. Best regards to all! Cliff

1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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