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PriceIn ad
Hey all:

Paypal preferred. Gift please. Prices will be plus shipping.

All parts were taken off of a '72 ironhead frame. Though they are obviously aftermarket.

Fender ($95-> $85): Sweet old fiberglass fender. Has a race/ boat style to it. This thing will make your bike go at least 13% faster and bag 17% more chicks. I pulled this off an old ironhead. If you are so inclined, the lines match up nicely with the seat in this ad. There are two lil chunks missing (pictured). The brake light does work just fine.

Seat ($65-> $50): Own a piece of history. By that I dont mean that this seat is famous or good. I mean it is old. It is historic. You can own it. The base ("pan") is a thick plastic. The top and sides look alright, but the base looks pretty crappy as pictured. The curvature matches up decently with the above fender.

Controls ($60-> $35): I will not part this stuff out. Just take it all at once. Some of the chrome is good. Nothing too rough though. These controls can be used to operate a "motorcycle."

Fender struts ($15-> $10): WYSIWYG. Dirty, formerly glorious chrome. Now slabs of metal that can be functional.


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