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Dragon said:

Rich has ALL the kool pix ..


say, if anyone is interested in buying one already set-up, I have such ..

FL front, set up on FX struts, also has dual sparto type lamps ..

will see about rounding up a pic if there's interest ..

Doug ..

i probably can't afford it but i'd like to see some pics :)

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Sorry guys dont like this look at all except maybe on the sidehack rig.Just dont fit the wheel right and looks to sit to high in back.I like seein the roundess of the wheel and it just breaks up the flow of the scoot to much when this is done.

Yep, but that's what you're gonna get on most swingarm need some travel space, but indeed, not as much as most of them though.....
I do like a FL fender on the back, but on a hardtail..
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