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Farm Fresh

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Found me not one but two Pre Unit Triumphs I've always wanted one. Buddy of mine has had these collecting dust since the 70'S.... Wife named the Thunderbird "Phoenix" after I sent her the cell pics good name as it will rise once again the Tr6 will be on the lift right after.
Finally my 1969 t120r has some brit buds to hang in the garage with!

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I still can't get this silly grin off my face asked the wife to pinch me just in case I was dreaming. Will keep posted once I start cleaning them up got parts books and manuals for both in route. know the web but theres just something I like about having a printed manual greasy fingerprints and all.
Quaffmeister Re: Farm Fresh

Oh yes please!!! That rigid frame looks to be a peach.
Was the the bloke you scored 'em off dressed in red and sportin' a good line in white beards?
Hrmm he does have a greybeard....

Rubone Re: Farm Fresh

Nice score on the pair. Now you get to enter the realm of non-existent pre-unit bits and pieces.:eek: Period customs would be very cool with those two.
Not sure if I like the idea of having springs inside the rear wheel may have to swap that out for a good old solid rear wheel for the 6T we'll see once I get it tore down.
I'll keep that in mind Rubone if I decide to go with a solid rear wheel
yours is a 51 6T also hell maybe ours are siblings.. I see it still has the Oem blue paint mine has a different front brake hsg then yours tho.
Nice find you got looks like you've got a few projects there :D.
How she looked the day I brought her home..
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Old post took me awhile but I'm still here gathern parts been working on my 51 tbird getting closer.
Decided the spring hub is the way to go with this 6t build.
That hole sure was dirty..
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Just need to get the wiring and plumbing done hopefully by spring 2022 she'll be on the road.


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Thanks I'm looking forward to hear her roar again!
Forgot to mention that moly grease I used in the spring assembly is some stinky stuff I agree those hubs sure are a unique option glad I could save it(y)
There was so much mouse poop on the heads musta been their home for many years.
Well the old bird took a breath in I don't know how many years.... 40 plus?
Was sure a sweet sound coming out those shakers!!
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Fresh off the lift (y)
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Couple videos from Thursday 4-28-22
April 29, 2022

April 29, 2022

This was Thursday got about 10 blocks from home adjusted idle and got about half a block and she just quit like I hit the kill switch pushed her home...
I rolled the dice on the old mag and lost it was sure fun for the short ride.
Found my bth Magneto lastnight is hammered slip ring is busted up locked mag up good news tho the auto advance unit gear came loose on taper prob once it locked up saved the fiber gear from damage I'm sure Ed Turner designed that way.

Got another Kc2 in route. to be continued.....
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Big Thank You to Baxter Cycle in Marne,Iowa👍👍 Always top notch service was huge surprise to see I had my reman replacement BTH magneto waiting for me once I got home from work yesterday.
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Ordered on Saturday and 400 miles at my house Monday Sweet.

The timing and install will have to wait for another day.

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Great news and beautiful pup too!
Thanks he's wondering why they forgot his Scooby snack
Boxmas he's full of beans for about 10 minutes then needs a nap then repeat.
Rescue dog I think he rescued us
That's a quick turnaround time, sweet.
Ohh maybe I miss led they sent me a reman mag I just got my core mag to the Post office today
Was able to get some garage time lastnight.
Made up an adapter for my timing disc since engine is in frame and oil pump installed.
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Triple checked my settings BTDC after setting up magneto with the tissue paper.
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Also finished up the fab work on my ammeter/kill switch mount out of 304
Still need to hit it with mother's and buffing wheel.
Should be back on the road by this weekend hopefully.
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The holder will be / should be more refined right side of gauge needs metal removed Thanks for feedback helps to another set of eyes
Yup the spring box I found this hub original to this 6t only needed to be lubed up.
So I put it in the Bullard vertical lathe at work and cleaned out old grease with popsicle stinks and packed Moly grease in the best I could working the box up and down. See post 17
I also found the bearings once cleaned in kerosene to be in great shape no pitting of and kind so repacked those with Napa red grease.

Like you I think the fiber mag drive gear is a great design

I was able to get out after work yesterday for a eleven mile shake down run went much more smoothly than my first go.
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Finished up my ammeter/Killswitch mount awhile back
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Got out of the back roads after work smiles for miles.
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Looks and sounds fantastic!!!

Job well done sir. Nothing more satisfying!!
Thank you
Yes very true very satisfying indeed sure is a unique sound out of the ironhead twin so so much different than my unit twin.

yes very nice and you got some fantastic roads there by the look of it.
I was thinking maybe sell my pre unit, but now i think maybe not.

There are some nice roads less traveled out here in the sticks very fortunate.
Definitely keep your pre unit their pleasent to wrench on finding parts not so pleasent and definitely won't find much plastic on em.
On our way up to Humboldt,Iowa to watch some bike drags love me some Nitromethane.
Found a couple missing parts for my 6T @ Baxter Cycle in Marne,Iowa can't wait to get these fitted.
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Well true to what I had in mind after my 51 6T
was finished up.
My 57 TR6 was next on the lift just didn't think it was going to be 11years....
Couple weeks back I got the ole girl out for a bath probably been 30 plus years since that had taken place.
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Little bit of simple green and water cut the grime pretty well.

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Some more progress has been made gonna go stockish with this build gotta get rid of that rattle can purple.
P/O did a number on the spacer also they added a lock washer to the assembly in-between sprocket and OEM spacer.

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Found some more grime
Product Automotive tire Motor vehicle Gas Auto part


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