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Found me not one but two Pre Unit Triumphs I've always wanted one. Buddy of mine has had these collecting dust since the 70'S.... Wife named the Thunderbird "Phoenix" after I sent her the cell pics good name as it will rise once again the Tr6 will be on the lift right after.
Finally my 1969 t120r has some brit buds to hang in the garage with!

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theres only a couple of problems in using a sprung hub, the cost of the bearings and their availability is rediculous , & NEVER take them apart unless you use a safety cage !!!, the springs have been known to cause serious injury & harm if ya have never done one, but i'm guessing it ain't ya first race,
the 'Tuffnol' mag drivegear was a great idea, it has saved many an expensive repair,
i used it a lot at college as a medium to practice on Lathes & Mills so ya didnt ram the tools in when learning, I ended up making several mag gears out of it & the gear cutter, made a prett penny on them 40+ years ago, a manufactred weak spot would be handy on many mag fired motors Harleys included....
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1 - 1 of 53 Posts