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CityEast Alton
I have 4 frames for sale. Two are Triumph 140V with the oil in the frame. These are excellent candidates for anyone wanting to make a bobber. I highly recommend sending these frames to the Factory Motor Works for their hardtail installation. They have the jigs to build your frame to your specs. Check out Ebay, most are listed for over $300.00 each. I want $50.00 and you pick up. I will sell these frames separately for $25.00 each. You are welcome to come over and pick up the frame that you want. I prefer cashiers check or cash. I will not take PayPal. Why am I selling these frames? To be honest I need the room and don't have a use for them. I can also be reached at 618 616 5598. Send me your email address if you want pics. Also I have 2 Triumph/BSA single frames, 250, 441 or 500 cc.
$50.00 for all 4 frames
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