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Exhaust Bandage Wrap

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Howdy folks, 1/2 way through wrapping up my exausts, I ran out of bandage... bugger.

Roughly how many meters/feet do you rekon you need to do each pipe, (header to rear axle x 2).

We used to rip it off a BIG roll, i'm thinking it's the way to go...

they sell it in 5 meter lengths fuck knows what for, barely covers the first bend...

Might just order 50 meters and be done with it...

But yea if anyone can remeber roughly how much they used, would be usefull.

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My exhaust exits just in front of the axle.I half lapped the material on 1and3/4 pipes on a shovel and used between 35 and 40 feet total.Hope this helps,good luck!
give benny a shout and ask him what he went through on my bike then double it
if you soak it in water and use a lot of force you should get some extra on the rap....I like using my bare hands then when I am done I like to take out my contact lenses -AJ
i used some real old stuff ages ago, full of asbestos dust n shit... was sick for hours afterwards, most of teh stuff they use these days is fiberglass filled, sucks but not as bad as the old asbestos stuff!

thanks tho... used it a few times but never had to think about how much to buy!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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