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1989 FLHTCU 96" engine, S&S lower, 10.5:1 comp, S&S 560 cam, pushrods and rockers. Rocker Locker kit installed, Thick fined rocker box cover. Just checked push rod adjustments and all look good. The Problem: at around 3k rpm it sounds like a bunch of woodpeckers are trying to get out. I don't hear it at lower rpm's and don't seem to hear it at higher rpm's. (maybe road noise, ect , cancels it out.) I keep hearing EVO's are noisy but this is Louder that some of my old pan/shovel solid lifter engines. The filter screen is clean. I was using a dial indicator on the rear push rod, checking the lift to make sure the cam was what I was told. I had the plugs out and was rolling it in gear to rotate the engine over with a hose clamp on the push rod and dial indicator on it. After I would run it thru to get a reading, the lifter started to bleed down almost immediately. (Motor was cold) It took an act of God to bleed my shovel head lifters. Is this normal. I've been riding it daily for the last year and it hasn't got louder or blown up yet.
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