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Ebay wtf of the day

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Diggin' the ground effects!
Crow said:
Diggin' the ground effects!
Where's the rear wing??
shit for 2600, it might be a good starting platform for a high school kid. Get rid of that gay shit bolted in all the worng places and add a little bed........
there have been quite a few of these on ebay lately, I don't think anythink after 39 as far astrucks, should go fenderless, but what the fuck do I know.
I feel like this "rat rod" thing is getting out of hand. It seems like people are throwing horrible dangerous shit together just to be "cool." I growing very tired of the whole flat black with red wheels and white walls. Yes it a classic color combo but do we need to flog the horse. it seems anything to do with "old school" must be that combo. Think i'm wrong open any mag that pushes "culture" and thats what you see. I want to see expression not depression and thats what that shit does to me.

Damn That much money to haul this thing of just for the disk on the wheels. I think i'll just get them from speedway.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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