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Easy rider tank, new 16" wheel, another nice tank

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Pricein ad
need some cash boys so let's get to dealing.....first up is a Paughco Easy Rider tank, part number 806 CF (for center fill). New never used except for mock up, comes with a chrome cap too. New its $260 from Paughco. Your's for $200 freight included. Check in their catalog under wide universal Mustang tanks.

Next is a Paughco 16" rear 40 spoke wheel for 78-85 Sportsters and Big Twins. Again brand new, had a tire mounted and removed so there are a couple very tiny scratches on it. I ordered the wrong damn wheel. It's Paughco part number 225-S40R, list is $207. I'm throwing in a brand new chrome axle and spacer for it to (its in the picture). Yours for $150 shipped.

SOLD Last is a nice little tank I ran across that I never got to use. Again new and never installed. Yours for $120 shipped.SOLD

Lower 48 only, no international. Don't like the prices then you tell me ok? I'm reasonable and occasionally stupid.


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16" Wheel. Fits Sporty or Big Twin (which one) ?
according to Paughco it fits both. take a look at their catalog under the part number and that is what it says (except for touring models). here is a link: Wheels For Pre-2000 Models From Paughco.html
:D Disc brake came out in 1978 for the Sportster, sorry misprint in their catalog :eek:
should read 1978-85 ;), unless of coarse you upgraded to the later swingarm or were running a rigid frame :confused:
Man I thought so but I trusted them. thanks for confirming my suspicion.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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