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Easter Ride and Run pics

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The Easter rod run is a car show and NO bikes are allowed. With the Help of Nads "Sneaking" me past the "MAN" I was able to swoop in and join the show. We had perfect weather 88 for a high

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ahhh yeah looks like good drivin weather nice sporty
Yea the weather was so nice I kept riding all afternoon. My bike rund great if you ride more then a mile and she actually warms up
PS its no trent picture. ITS BETTER!!
What kinda scuff marks you have on the bottom of that? I like your bike man. Cant wait to start the bobber Im gonna do (using a kawa twin..)
Are you saying its low
:D ;)

Is part of the reason I like it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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