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Scored a hunt for the 65 triumph-
Got it to spark,
Now I just need to time the damned thing-

I'm using all the stock manuals,
and it's just a bit to much for my feeble mind to put together,
what with all the "chopper crap"

So it acts as though it needs to be completely retarded,
but I've heard these things gotta be fully advanced?

It won't catch for shit when it's advanced though....

If anyone can assist, that would ROCK,
If my descriptions are too vague, please let me know what needs to be clarified, so that I may ride this beast SOON.

Any links I could check out...?


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One step ahead of ya kickstarter!
(but thank you)
I followed those directions

My biggest problem is seeing the timing mark on the primary side when the bikes at 2,000 rpms I suppose...
I can't figure out how to mount a timing wheel on the primary side, so I'm going by the marks-
But what I'm not totally clear on is whether they are at TDC or if they are at 38 BTDC?????

I'm ASSuMEing that they are where they need to be,
but the primary cover has been changed on this hodge-podge, god-forsaken scrappy beast,
and so I began to wonder if .....?
The marks were ever in different locations on unit motors....???

Say, from 65----69....???

I just need to go mess with it....
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