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Dual leading drum with 5/8 axle?

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Anyone know of a wheel with this set up? I do have a mini drum wheel now with a 5/8 axle but i want to use something that will actually work.Going onto my springer ,thought of a triumph wheel,if anyone has any pics of what they used as a axle and spacers that would be great.BTW needs to be a 19 inch wheel.Thanks
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Use an old Honda front wheel and swap out bearings. Early Suzuki made a nice one as well
While there are fractional inch ball bearings, just about any motorcycle front wheel you find will have metric sized bearings. 17mm and 19mm are popular sizes. Both are larger bore than 5/8", so you'll have to do a little creative interchanging. If you find a wheel with a 6203 bearing (17mm i.d.), here's the equivalent with a 5/8" i.d.

I found it was easier to adapt the stock Triumph axle to the rockers like we did on this bike, I moved the rockers to the inside of the legs to accommodate the stock axle width...
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Thanks to all who have repield,Tony,just wanted to ask on the pic you sent you said you used the stock axle did you rethread the ends or the inside of the axle.Not sure how you mounted it.I have a single leading shoe wheel that i might use instead of a dual(looks like the one in your pic)Thanks
yes it was threaded inside the axle ends and it fits through the rockers, but it is a dual leading brake. there is a lot more info in the build thread here on about page 8 or so .......
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Thanks Tony i will either go that route or i did find KML bearings make a 6204-2rd-5/8 bearing if i use the axle that came with my springer.Does the brake plate need that nut or can i not just hold it in place with a spacer?Thanks
All I can say is it came with a retaining nut from the factory. That stock axle has bearing flanges that hold everything in place and the axle is threaded for the brake place nut.
You will need to make a crush sleave between the two bearings and some other spacers but it's all possable.
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