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Pat Leahy of B&O Cycles was making twin carb pan heads in the 60s I think. They had twin bolt spigots like your set.
I have a set of Pat's dual carb heads, that I got from him about 10 years ago. He did them about 40 years ago, at B&O. Check this out...Pat wanted to give them to me. I had to force him to take money for them!

Pat never finished them, he had them up to the point of having the heads bored, and the round carb spigots welded in. Rick Labriola added the modern 2 bolt flanges for me. He made the adapters so I could bolt on the Amal 932's, too.

I asked Pat about running Mikuni TM's on them, vs the Amal 932's, and he told me to stick to around the 36-38mm size for the TM's.

As far as who made your heads, they are similar to the dual carb heads that George Smith made, but I've only seen them for Rileys and 4 bolt Linkerts. I don't think he was still making them when the later 2 bolt flanges showed up. There were several guys who took the time like Smith did to blend in the fin areas to the carb flange areas when they did the conversions, so it's anybody's guess on yours.
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