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Yeah , at least it wasnt painted, LOL

Oh how that brings back BAD memories!

see the corner of the tank 1/2 on the table? That was just painted and hanging when the hanger broke and I used my big toe to try and break the fall. The one thing that broke was my big toe!
The tank cracked and the POR-15 sealer leaked. I was told by POR-15 that any new sealer would not stick to the already cured stuff and it would have to be removed. Then I was told "good luck getting it out".
I tried all sorts of chemicals but had NO luck and resorted to this

Cut it open and Glass beaded it clean before starting all over from scratch:-(

I think I just saw though that POR-15 is now selling a remover so you may be luckier than me.

Good luck, Jeff
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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