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Dropped! Fuel tank repair, advice needed.

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Just my luck, wouldn't you know it. I had my FX tank narrowed, pressure tested and sealed, ready to go to the painter.

Some how the dang thing managed to jump out of my hands and land right on the front mounting tab causing it to pop out part of the seam where its welded along the bottom of the tunnel. Now theres small tear in the seam about 3/8 - 1/2 inch long.

Do I have to start all over, strip the sealant inside, weld it, test it and reseal?

That sucks, thanks.
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hate to say it, but i'm guessing yes. it might be hard to get a clean weld with sealant on the other side. sure you can probably get away with it for a while but with vibrations and time, you're gonna probably have to do it anyway. better than discovering a fuel leak when your bike catches on fire. plus i think it will put your mind at ease if you did it right.
sorry about the tank, but at least its fixable.
This brings up a question.?

What do you use to strip the sealant out of the tank....???

Acetone seems to work, but is slow-go...

Maybe Aircraft Paint Strip....??

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Would it make sense to have it pressure tested before I do anything to see if the weld is okay?
Might as well pressure test it first, maybe you got lucky. Depending on what you sealed it with, there's a little bit a flex in the sealant, especially the DIY brands.
Thanks guys, Im wondering if I can just re-weld it, pressure check it and add a little new sealer over the old (sealer in the tank is about a month old, never has gas in it) to take care of it. Hmmmm..
My question is why it broke open when you dropped it? If that all it took to come open I think it would come open anyway when you rode it.
You have any pictures of the tank. That tab should have not broken off anywhere on the tank. Unless it was poorly welded on. Your pretty much gonna end up redoing the sealer inside the tank. You should pressure test the tank before any sealer was put in the tank to look for any pinhole leaks that could be welded up. Sealer does not cure pinhole problems in the long run. Just my thoughts.
The tab didn't break. The tab is heavy duty welded to thin AMF metal. I'm guessing when the tab hit the ground it put a bulge in the tank. The tab is welded near the area where the tunnel comes together.

It was pressure tested before the mishap. Ill have it done again when I repair it. I was just hoping to not have to remove all the sealer I just put in.
you might just get by with resealing it after repairs
Kursed- sorry to use your case as an example because I understand that your looking for help, but this is a really good reason to not use tank sealer. It's some evil shit.
If you don't use sealer what do you do if you have a welded custom tank?
Kursed- sorry to use your case as an example because I understand that your looking for help, but this is a really good reason to not use tank sealer. It's some evil shit.
I've had nothing but great results with using sealer in old leaking tanks.
I have never sealed any tanks. I don't believe in the stuff. I just keep on welding and grinding then keep pressure testing the tank till it has no leaks. Everyone has there preference. The one guy I have been painting for really likes that por15 stuff.
least ya did'nt drop it after painting
Thanks Hogster, I guess I can look at as a positive thing.

Thank God it wasn't painted.

Maybe Ill try and run some Acetone thru it and get out what I can. I don't want to screw top the tank once its painted.
Yeah , at least it wasnt painted, LOL

Oh how that brings back BAD memories!

see the corner of the tank 1/2 on the table? That was just painted and hanging when the hanger broke and I used my big toe to try and break the fall. The one thing that broke was my big toe!
The tank cracked and the POR-15 sealer leaked. I was told by POR-15 that any new sealer would not stick to the already cured stuff and it would have to be removed. Then I was told "good luck getting it out".
I tried all sorts of chemicals but had NO luck and resorted to this

Cut it open and Glass beaded it clean before starting all over from scratch:-(

I think I just saw though that POR-15 is now selling a remover so you may be luckier than me.

Good luck, Jeff
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There was a thread on here awhile back about Dragon's Blood. I clicked through and noted on the site they mention removing old liner with Methylene Chloride.

Description here:
Good news is I just talked to the guy that built it and he's going to take care of it for a very reasonable cost. (deep breathe)
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