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Statelittle off
Pricetoo much
Down and Dirty... '66 Trump chop***done been SOLD***

Grungy Trump chop built for back alley's , whiskey and loose women... 1000 miles on fresh motor, Joe hunt mag, front street rear fender, forks by frank, Avon sneakers, Bung King struts, the very sought after Le-pera Baron seat, peanut tank, 14in apes, stock drums.

  1. 1966 T120 650 .30 over
  2. Complete head job
  3. 16" rear / 19" front
  4. '69 crank (heavier flywheel to reduce vibrations)
  5. 21/43 gearing - Highway Friendly
  6. Stainless Steel Octagon oil bag
  7. have some extra parts I'll throw in
  8. here's a shocker...she leaks!

**please don't ask for receipts, I don't have any. Visit my blog for some pics of the rebuild, just scroll***

Ridden this bike everywhere, long hauler for sure..just take a look at the threads on this site...seems everyone wants's your chance.

not for the faint of heart, you got to know how to work on these.

Sold as is..and get ready..Yes, I have a title in hand in my name.

$4500firm. Shipping is on you.

PM me or email to [email protected] for questions I probably can't answer.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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