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he opened at the mankato harley dealer with the owner and him blowing up a car with dynamite and them in it,

are there many single daredevil show people out there?

Daredevil to return to help pal
By Amanda Dyslin
The Free Press

Doug "9-Toes" Marble knows all about the excruciating pain of a bad motorcycle accident.

The longtime Mankato daredevil lost his big toe and suffered broken bones and other injuries during a motorcycle accident in 1976. Still, he managed to build a following during the 1980s and '90s doing what he loved most all over the country - motorcycle stunts that would make the most experienced rider cringe.

In Garden City he set world records for driving through the longest tunnel of fire (104 feet) in 1990 and driving through nine walls of fire a year after that. He appeared on television and made headlines.

So, when Marble's good friend Randy Krueger crashed his motorcycle in July, resulting in a broken neck and weeks of hospital stay, Marble empathized and wanted to do something to help with medical costs.

"It's been a long, slow recovery for him," Marble said. "He's just now starting to walk again."

Marble, with the help of his buddies Tom May and Mark Froehlich, decided to do what he does best to help their friend: stunts. Big stunts, to take place at a benefit in the Grandstand at the Blue Earth County Fairgrounds in Garden City June 24.

In fact, Marble plans to break his 15-year world record by driving his motorcycle through 10 quarter-inch fiber-board walls on fire, a kind of stunt he hasn't attempted since 1995.

"This ride is going to be my last," Marble said. "A guy turning 48 years old has no business doing that kind of thing. ... (But) this is a good reason to do it. We've got to give them something better to see."

Marble and Mark Harmond also will blow themselves up in a car with 12 bombs and five gallons of gas.

Marble's not nervous yet, he said. No time. He's got to concentrate on losing a few pounds before the performance.

"My suit shrunk on me," he said.

The details of the festival, such as the time, admission price and camping rates haven't been worked out.

Local rock band 69 Cents will play to cap off the evening.

The goal is to attract 3,000 people with 100 percent of admission and leftover sponsorships and donations going to Krueger's medical expenses.
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