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Does anyone have a copy of the pinion gear size/color chart, big twin 54/77?

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I know I used to have this but can't find it now and need it. It's a cross reference chart showing cam gear diameter over the .105 pins and the matching pinion gear diameter, with both dimensions and color codes shown on the chart, for big twins from 1954 to 1977. The 78 and up charts aren't the same, as they changed the color codes. I've searched the JJ, my service and parts manuals, my shop notes, and the internet and can't find complete definitive info in one place. There are scraps and hints in a lot of different sources, but nothing complete and consistent. Thanks in advance.
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From my notes 20 years ago . . . a side note says I got this info from @dan r (thanks again!)

green is a std size of 0.250", 24628-87A
orange is 0.2502", 24641-87A
blue is 0.2504", 24643-87A
white/grey is 0.2506", 24626-87A

once the case race is past the range of these you can do 2 things...
a new race or an oversize shaft.

case races that use the -87 roller set also oil them different than the 58-86 bearing.
early had a single hole that picks up oil just below the cam bearing in the crankcase.
later races get their oil from the same spot in the case but it leaks into a groove around the outside of the race, then the oil passes through the race into the rollers in 4 places, every 90 degrees.
a later case race is a good thing for early engines, just make sure the groove of the race lines up with the hole in the case.
race O.D., I.D. and width are the same, only difference is in the way they oil the rollers.

the 87 up rollers and cage are longer on the shaft than the 58-86 rollers and cages.
most likely you will need to leave out one of the bearing washers.
have seen bearing washers 0.050" and 0.070" wide BTW.
the bearing retainer is also different early to late.
the late retainer (11177) can replace the early spyrolock (11007) but don't even think of going the other way.

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pinion gear color charts from jims machining catalog...
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Thanks Dan, exactly what I needed. And now I know why I couldn't find the chart I remembered having. It was in my Jim's catalog that I lent a buddy a while back, LOL. Printed out and inserted into my shop notes now.

Thanks for responding Jason. While not what I was looking for, I learned something new from yours also. I was unaware, and had never really even considered it before TBH, that there was interchangeability between early and late pinion bearing/race setups. Even off topic info has value. :)
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