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Or "How us Old farts do it"

You wake up a little late.
You gotta get your butt to work
Rained last night, but roads are dry this AM
Add a sweat shirt cuz it's a bit cool by Cali standards
Kiss the wife and head out.
Freeway on ramp is uncommonly empty for rush hour.

Little more throttle then normal,
lean in left, feel the bike compress onto the shocks
Hear, no more like feel the floor board touch hold the lean.

See an opening in the traffic, down shift one.
a bit of throttle and the pipes sing but your head is in the music (Radar Love) coming from the four speakers.

Join the world of cars trucks and bikes racing to work
80 MPH + and you're in a groove.

And the radio plays a forgotten song......

Coronado bridge coming up, long sweeper to the right
push on the right hand grip, more, a little more.
floor board touches, lady in mini van looks scared
I smile, kid in back seat waves and points.

Brenda Lee is coming on strong...

18 wheeler in the right hand lane up ahead
down shift, give it the gas baby, blow by and take my lane back.

Look over the edge and see the boats, off to the right the city climbs into the clouds. Coronado Isl on the left.

No more speed I'm almost there, gotta be cool, I gotta take care......

Bring it back down to civilian speed and hit the front gate.
Fumble for ID while US Navy Guard gives bike a once over and a smile. Says to me, nice bike good song. Have a good day Sir. I say thank you, but I dont mean for the bit about my bike.... I really mean Thank You

Pull into my spot in front of the office, climb off go upstairs to my office.
Reality sets in again, work to do. About 50 folks to train.

Bike sits, waiting for the ride home.

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absolutely man! well written too. unfortunately my bike (speed triple) has no radio or floor boards but i know exactly what youre saying. my commute is waay to short now with my new job (about 2 miles). by the time the bike is totally warm im already here.

when i used to work in philly i had about an 8-10 mile commute on some of my favorite roads around here. long banked left sweeper (drag left peg) to hit the freeway over the walt whitman bridge (with a little bump at the top) wide open stretch (hit 100 every day on that stretch). enjoy the view of the river & the city over the bridge. pay the $2 cycle toll ($3 for cars!). long banked right hand sweeper onto 95 north (drag right peg while looking up at the people on the inside lane that im passing) blast the pipe (high carbon pipe on a wide open 955i triple!) under all the overpasses. come up into the city & see all the miserable people locked in their cages sitting at red lights while im smiling like a madman. park up on the sidewalk right outside my building while people are paying $30 a day for parking thier cars in the lot. lock the bike up & get to work.

i miss that commute. now i just have to go ride that loop after work instead.

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Yess! something like that this morning. I've got a frikkin beautiful commute to Middleton from Mt. Horeb. I take the long way through the backroads, hills and curves and just roll the power out. Wisconsin is friggin beautiful this time of year.

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