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dave dresda

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I saw Cafe racer last night, and an interesting builder Dave Dresda. Any technical info from him on here?

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He was at the forefront of racing specials in england in the sixties , especially tritons, he won the barcelona 24 hours race several times on his triton beating factory teams. He reckons to have built well over a thousand tritons in his life time.
Google dresda autos.
He doesn't post here if thats what you mean by tech info from him here.

Thats his site and bio.
I was in London in '76 after the IOM TT and went to check out Dave Degens Dresda Autos, walked in, nobody there. Said hello, looked in the back, nobody. Looked around for a while, stood out front, never saw anybody there, doors wide open! I was there about 1/2 hour.
I did have a Dresa box section swingarm on my NorBSA. Good quality stuff, brazed Reynolds 531, tapered rollers. That came years later by mail order (before online ordering, we had to phone far away and send letters that took a long time, then wait a long time for parts to arrive).
Degens is THE man for designing and building Tritons. I spent dozens of hours studying photos of his Tritons while building mine.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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