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Date a Bates?

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I was recently given this Bates and pillion,
and I really wonder its age.

It is red glove leather, the pan is cad, and Insp. #8 rubber-stamped them both.

This is totally out of my zodiac,
so thanks in advance!



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Hi Cotten,
From my experience those stickers look 60s. I believe in the 70s they had the little dirtbike on the sticker. 50s stickers that I have seen were more of a decal and there were various versions. If you don't want to hang on to them please let me know.
my experience would say 60s as well
They're listed in the 1965 catalog, but not in the -62... Also notice, that 1965 is the first year for pleated seats!

Pic from the "Nostalgia on wheels" blog:
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