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Custom UJMs, anybody?

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I just picked up a 76 CB750K and thought that I'd keep it stock since it's an all original bike that is pretty presentable... well that lasted about 24 hours until I saw the '74 attached below and here

Anybody else have pic or sources for ideas for UJM (universal Japanese motorcycle) style bikes?

Or you could tell me to fuck myself cuz it's from the wrong continent.
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i think that bike is rad. looks nice with the chrome & polished stuff. im not one for purple with pink flames but its only paint. i love old hondas.
Old CB's are great. The 750 is quite a powerhouse for it's ago, though a bit heavy.

I would say that the bike above is nice, but I'm not into chrome all over things personally.

You could go with something like that, or, cafe it. A lot of people cafe the old Honda 750's.

Here's an example:

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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