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Custom Tubing question

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quick question - im thinking of making my own rear brake stay & top motor mounts out of some tubing. im kicking around the idea of using old table or chair legs (chrome tubing) or maybe shopping cart frames if theyre strong/safe enough. if that stuff is too weak i would maybe try some real tubing from the metal supply place.

anyhow, i was wondering how to crimp down the ends so they look nice & not all mangled. some of the pieces ive seen, where it goes from round to flat, at the end of the round part, it has a nice curve & then a sharp transition from tube to flat. the flat area would then be drilled out to use for whatever i need it.

anyone ever do this or is it a bad idea? just trying to think outside the box.
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have you ever been to fazzio's? between the HUGE selection of metal and the awesome hardware/tool store, it's probably the best thing south jersey has to offer other than landfill jokes. the prices there are cheap enough that i wouldn't bother trying to use recycled tubing.

i need to head down there soon to pick up some sheetmetal...

hey ed, we've been phone taggin for a few days now eh? i should be around later tonight working on the bike. give me a yell.

yeah, i was at fazzios back in high school when i picked up some tubing for a lowrider bike i built. i forgot all about that place. let me know when youre heading down, ill take a trip with ya. thanks for the reminder.
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