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Custom 1993 Harley FXR. Bike was originally an FXRP before being reworked into what it is today. Some would call this a "club bike" or compare it to something from "sons of anarchy" but at that end of the day it's a RIDERS bike for those that want to ride in any weather, on any road, under any circumstance, and it was built with this intention.

*Daytec frame
*Delcron aluminum cases
*S&S heads
*Supertrapp Exhaust
*Mag Wheels
*Ness quarter fairing

Has been sitting for a couple months but was my daily rider before this. It has been track tested and runs 13 seconds in the quarter. Fired it up today and it still rides great. This is a daily rider so it does have scratches, dents, chips, and blemishes, but mechanically it's solid and ready to go anywhere. If you've never owned an FXR there is nothing like them. Handles better than any Harley I've had. Clean Colorado Harley Davidson title in my name.


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