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Crocker vintage pics

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Some nice historical photos on the new/old Crocker Motorcycle Co. website.

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(quote from site)

Photograph of Elmo Looper of the "13 Rebels M/C" aboard his 1940 Crocker Big Tank bobber in the late 40's. Elmo was considered the person who saved Crocker from extinction by buying what was left of the Crocker Motorcycle parts from Al Crocker. Many of these parts have helped otherwise unrestorable bikes come back to life. Photograph from poster available at "Carl's Cycle Supply".
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Photograph of Jack Lilly on his Crocker number 39-61-103 in 1940. Jack was an original "Boozefighter". The "Boozefighters" were the original "Black Rebels" from the Marlon Brando movie "The Wild Ones". Jack was also a personal friend of Kenny Howard a.k.a. "Von Dutch". For more on Jack Lilly see the article "Crocker Jack" in our History section. This Motorcycle is currently restored and owned by Daniel Statnekov . Jack owned 39-61-103 until 1941. In 1955 Jack also owned a completely white Crocker twin previously owned by Jim Kimball. The photograph from the "Crocker Motorcycle Co" collection.
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Photograph of Miny Waln at speed at one of two overhead cammed Crockers that are known to exist. This one is a "Cummerford / JAP frame. This picture was probably taken on March 22 1936 at the Long Beach, California Race Track.

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....Man photo's........anymore?.
BLACK13 said:
....Man photo's........anymore?.
tons more on the site. check the link above....
Ive been researching Crocker for a few years now and also talked to Elmo Loopers son and Murray Loopers family. I also have made contact with Al Crocker's grand daughters.
The story about the Crocker inventory is absolute rubbish. Ernie Skelton "borrowed" the Bigsby drawings and never gave them back to Murray.

They are Intellectual property of Al Crocker and thru the statute of limitations became the property of Skelton.
The pile of NOS parts that "restorers" use to build bikes are very fresh parts.
Elmo did not buy any parts. If there was a pile of factory inventory, why would Skelton need to "borrow" the drawings?
It would be easier to buy parts directly from Elmo's inventory.

The stamp of approval is the Crocker Register, that just happened to be written by Skelton and then when he kicked the bucket in 95, Chuck Vernon took over.
A vehicle Register is supposed to be based on existing engine numbers, NOT the other way around.
There was 35 in the early 70s, by late 70s there was 48, by 2010 there was 72, today there is 76.
'Iron *******' says there was 30, and half of those complete, that's 15 or so.

JD Cameron had an article in Big Bike 1972 May with a Crocker said to be built by him in 1945.
That Engine was built by Elmo Looper in 1941, an 86 cui Crocker with Knuck heads, 3-7/16" x 4-5/8". Years before Clausen built the 80" Knuck.
JD Cameron had nothing to do with it but he was the president of the AMCA and his story was accepted.
Harry Suchers book Iron ******* is worthless
The Crocker Register is BOGUS
The only way to turn a brand new Crocker replica into a genuine Vintage vehicle is to stamp the engine with a number according to the Register.
There is only 1 token bike that has gone any where near the DMV = DMV102-5441
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not entirely accurate, but it does mention 64 Crocker Twins
At least Floyd Clymer knew Crocker

god knows why the pic is upside down


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I need the tail light lens and ring clip from one of those tail lights pictured on that website... I sent them a message... Hopefully they will respond
thanks Ducbsa

someone on this forum or CC forum ordered a tail light but paid a bit, search for him first
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