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Creative CV filter/box options?

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Looking for some creative options to replace the stock oval air filter box on my sporty. It's a CV carb. I'd love to put a velocity stack on it, but they scare me. I'd hate to suck hunks of dirt or water into it.

Been thinking maybe a right angle, forward facing pod? I don't really know what I want. I just know I don't like that giant oval, and I don't like that it hits me in the leg. Any of you guys replaced your filter/box with something one-off?

I may just cut out an adapter plate to fit the carb and play around with something myself, but I'd love to see what other people have done. There's some amazing talent to draw inspiration from on here. Pix would rock. I'll post pictures of whatever I end up doing on here when I do it.

I actually had considered using this:
not sure how far out from the side of the bike it sticks, though.
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I made 90 deg. adapters and ran clamp on K&N's.
Under the filters there are velocity stacks built into the ends of the stacks.
Tons of fab work, but thats the fun part right?

See photo:

Those look pretty sweet. I like that forward facing one. I'm running a single carb anyway, so I'd only need one. I might use a smaller cone on it, or try to get a cone that's oval shaped, so it doesn't stick out from the side of the bike so much. One of the things I'm trying to do by getting rid of the giant shiny oval is narrow the center of the bike by a bit if possible, and give myself more knee room.
I machined this small CV a/c and backing plate from 1/4" T-6061 aluminum and left it with a buff finish. Used some brass screws to hold it together (tapped holes in the backing plate) and embellish it somewhat. Makes for a super-simple and industrial look & feel. Works just great on my '71 Ironhead.


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That looks really nice. Does it hit your right leg?

What is your frame coated with?
Yeah, the a/c hits me right around my knee... but I also custom-machined my front motor mounts and the entire forward controls rig which is not really excessively far forward. I'm 6'-4" and wear a 36" inseam... the fit is really good for me and after a few shifts I adjusted to where the a/c was located.

I painted that frame in my spray booth using single-stage acrylic enamel... figured it would be easier to repair than powder-coat when I eventually chipped/scraped the frame or decided that I needed to have a stray tab welded somewhere (lol).
Heres what I made for the 49. I always wanted to try it, so I did. It was definatly the look I wanted. I would suggest running it with the opening to the rear. The problem I had with it on the Super B, was that it created so much vacuum, that it actually pulled the fuel through to such a degree, it would weep out the overflow/air vent hole at highway speed when I would let off the throttle. Drove me nutz trying figure out what was going on. Jets after jets with no luck. Finally I went back to square one with the jets, and installed the stock S&S aircleaner, and that resolved all the issues. I dont think I would have any issues if I redrilled the mount holes in the back plate and turned the opening to the back. But Im running a stock 59 Pan round air cleaner now, and the look seems to fit the bike better?
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that '49 looks clean. Flame, I empathize with you. I'm 6'1, so I have long legs as well. The stock one isn't cutting it for me at the moment.

How's the ride on that '49? Does the corner bite your knee?
Thanks, Its not too clean now. Ive been ridin' the shit outta that thing and loving it. And no, its very comfortable. But I dont know, it may if its turned around? Or even mount it with the opening down like a stock horn.
I'm looking for something that doesn't hit me in the knee. I don't like how the stock one hits me right in the kneecap.

Lots of good info in this thread.
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