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Hey Boys and Girls...Brian here.

Found this board off the HAMB and thought I would come check it out. No bike yet but hey I'm working on it. Really finding a old school scoot that is right for me when the money is right seems like a impossible dream.

Anyway. Because my intro on the HAMB is old and I'm not a huge poster I'll give you some info.

Like I said before I love old bikes (especially Brit bobs and chops) and old cars/trucks. I'm really into art. Hope to take part in some of the friday art shows when they come around. I for now do not have any big toys yet. Starting out small and biding my time untill I can get something. I fixed this bicycle up about 2 years ago. I know...I know, black primer and red rims...revolutionary isn't it. It will probably get painted again soon.

I'm also working on a 60s(?) little kid's kick scooter now. No pics of it yet. I have too many hobbies to concentrate on just one so some have to take a back seat. Oh well.

Well I hope to learn alot here so I will probably keep my ears open and my mouth shut. But you never know. ;)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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