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Mods - if you think this isnt right for here toatlly understand. Just thinking considering how some of us live and have lived it might be useful one day and save a RIP thread.

Well a mate's Mum suffered chest pains today and was taken to hospital and I did a 1st aid course yesterday so the below is somewhat timely.

Watch this and go do a 1st aid course. LOTS of things have changed in the last 5 years, particularly CPR.

Essientally if you come across some one who is unconscious and not breathing or breathing as in this vid.

D - check for Danger to you and others
R - work out what you are going to do - Response
S - send for help
A - check airway - lean the head back and check mouth for obstructions
B - Check breathing
C- Start CPR - pick the spot in the middle of the nipples, lock hands, 1/3 of body depth compression x 30 then if you have a soft mask etc 2 breaths. DONT stop until help arrives.
D- Get someone to grab the defib if you have one, its the only thing that will restart the heart, CPR just keeps folks in a state that will allow them to recover if they can re-start the heart.
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