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Had a question about flipping the arm for the rear drum on a 73 IH so it is pointing towards the ground. Because of my hard tail and exhaust it would make things much easier to run the brake rod. Have seen pictures where people had done it but couldn't find any info on how it was done. The only way I see was to modify the cam so it could expand the shoes in either direction. It has the two rounded sides that push the shoes when it turns clockwise but the other two are square edges so it can't rotate that direction. Can I just file the square sides so I can flip the arm and either direction of pull will activate the brake or am I missing something simple here?

Also an unrelated question. Need to make sure I'm using the correct jets in my s&s super E shortys. I'm at 8000 ft and most of my riding is between 6-8k. one is on a 84 shovel and same carb on a 73 Xlch. I'm not too firmiliar with these carbs yet and called s&s yesterday which wasn't much help. Any input on about where I should be would be helpful so I don't have to buy a complete jet kit.

Thanks for any help on either question.
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