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cop bikes...

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anyone ever tore down a old cop bike... a intercepter??
and put her back to gether in true jockey journal fashion?
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I havent personally, but from what i understand quite a few bikes have been built this way, in the 60s and 70s especially. Ed Roth's Oink! being one notable example. I dont see why it should be any different or harder than stripping down a normal bagger, most police bikes ive seen (harleys at least) are pretty standard dual-shock swingarm cycles with off the shelf parts. Surplus property auctions for state and county owned equipment and vehicles go on all the time too, check the classifieds in your paper.
tbone16 said:
I heard a similar story but I dont know who chopped them. Three captain america bikes, all gone.
The builders were two gentlemen from south-central LA named Cliff Vaughs and Ben Hardy. There were two captain americas, and two billy bikes. The story ive been told is that one of each was stolen, and the other two wrecked in the final scene.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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