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Cool Vertical Oilbag from a Helicopter

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Vertical oil tank from a build I didn't finish. The tank was a hydraulic accumulator from a helicopter. Tag reads "Oil Sump and Filter for Gyropilot". It's all aluminum, safety wired, etc. There's one fairly shallow dent on the side that needs to be addressed and the cap is presently stuck (aluminum cap in an aluminum bung). A previous owner fucked the cap up a little trying to get it off. I haven't tried myself yet. Otherwise it's pretty nice. $100 plus the ride.

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How long is it? What diameter?
Sorry guys, it's been crazy leading up to Christmas around my house. I let some of my sale stuff lapse. Anyway, the tank is 6" in diameter and 10" long (the tank itself not counting the bracket at the bottom).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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