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Conversion of 'race bike' into street bike

1348 Views 4 Replies 5 Participants Last post by  #1., the new Buell XBRR is supposedly NEVER to be ridden on the street.
Anyone hip to actual rules in California?
Light kit?
What would it take?
I am close to ordering one...but want to know the real deal, and noone at the dealership/ DMV are talking.
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It used to be pretty easy, but they've tightened down on the rules. I know a couple of guys here with Husky Motards, I'll ask them how they got around it.
being that it's CA, it'll have to meet emissions too, so you'll need the CA buell muffler with the cat in it, and possibly the CA airbox.
get a cheap Buell that you can take to emissions and all that and then put the license plate from the shitty one onto the good one.....voila....registered.
In most states the state can determine by the engine VIN whether it is certified for either state (CA) or Federal emission standards. If it isn't, you can sometimes get a certficate from the manufacture stating it is certified (if it is) but most times you are screwed.

One work-around:

Most states will title virtually any motor vehicle for insurance/theft reasons. Title the bike, then....take your title to a DMV (preferably rural, or away from a busy DMV where they see more paperwork and title tranfers) and tell them you have a title and now want to register the vehicle. It worked for me. I have titled and registered a Rokon 2x2, a 1932 JAP, a Freightliner semi as a pickup, a Suzuki JR50, and a home made scooter this way. Try and get the dumbest looking DMV chick to help you. Good luck.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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