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personally Dave at MORRIS makes the best of the FM style Magnetos, His 'Rare Earth Magnet ones are the best made in my book,
far better than the now chinese made & Tiawan ted affiliated hunt mags for sure & well worth the extra cost,
if you are running a Kick only or mainly Kickstarting the bike, then yes go for the Impulse coupler if anything much more than 8:1 comp ratio,
unless ys are young enough ta kick start a freight train first try, hahahaha,
my hips gone, so use a Morris Rare earth magneto with electric start, & you don't need the Impulse set up,...
just mount it either solid at full advance, or let it loose enough to be able to rotate for advance & retard,
if retarded it will make it much easier to start, then advance it to ride,...
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