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I bought a bike that had definate compensator sprocket noise. I drained the primary and knew there'd be an issue since there was less than a 1/4 quart in there (wet primary). I pulled the outer primary expecting to find the sprocket nut loose, but it was tight. It took a 1/2 inch breaker with a 3 foot cheater to break it loose. I thought I'd post a few pictures for anyone wanting to see what the damage looks like when the nut seems tight and you don't want to pull it apart.
Pic 1:
It got hot enough to scorch the metal. All the metal to metal contact areas looked the same. The horizontal line is a actually a crack.

Pic 2:
You can see the damage to the keys on the extension shaft. What looks like a little wear actually made a lot of slop.

Pic 3:
This one shows the scoring and chipping on the cam lobes. They were all chipped and worn.
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