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Clear across the country (shipping)

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I'm wondering if theres anyone here interested in shipping a bike for me from Cali 92054 to NJ 07033

maybe someone here is already making a run coast to coast..long shot I know but cant hurt to ask.

I havent purchased it yet but a deal has been put in place if I can get it here for a reasonable price..Thanks in advance
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Yeh Uship is where I put my bike transports up for tender . Alot of drop kicks on there and you really have to be thorough when checking the quotes . Ship My Bike also does an LA to NY service also that is pretty good . But , the people in their LA depot are a pack of Weenies so try to deal with the East Coast end .
I'll add a 3rd recommendation for Uship...been using them for a few years now and have always had good luck.
I used Eagle Transport 3 times. They were great on both ends. Price was good too. Very professional. And the driver is a biker.
I have used Forward Air. They only ship from one of their terminals to another. They have their own special bike crates. You can search their website to see if there is a terminal near either of you.
I got a quote from Uship..but they are just a broker for private companies correct???
Try keyboard carriages. Had a bike brought from value to Florida and the highest they could charge was 675. Check their quotes they were really good
I run enclosed ....

I run an enclosed trailer ....

Custom built V nose w/ 20 feet for vehicle transport
and 8 feet for bike - atv - cargo hauling in front

Whatever you do, deal directly with the driver
Pay no money down



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I got a quote from Uship..but they are just a broker for private companies correct???
No,,you list you r needs and it's kind of like ebay,,haulers will make bids so to speak,,you pick the cheaper one. The initial listing can be a lil confusing,,you can put in what it is you are willing to pay. Post an add wait a few days, There are offers that will pop up straight away ,,just kinda let them pass.

It's liek the boards at old truck stops where the drivers bid on the load
yeah , thats a broker no???
I use u ship. I always try to work a deal off the website once I have found a guy that's going that route. I wouldn't recommend doing it that way unless you feel very good about the driver after you talk to them. Give them you number but do it in code like
909 six six six 8 zero 3four so you don't get busted on the site.
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