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Our finned Triumph Motor Mounts fit unit Triumph engines from model years '63 through 1970. A lot of competition for this product has entered the scene since we designed our plates a couple years ago. To improve both the quality and availability of our finned motor plates, we enlisted help from the guys at Biltwell Inc. Using our original CNC'ed plate design, Biltwell improved the finished product by tooling up to create cold-forged native blanks. Cold forging creates a denser structure by compressing the aluminum molecules under extreme pressure. The result is a finned block of alloy that only requires light CNC machining and polishing to give our plates their racy, vintage look. The tolerances on our new motor plates are so tight, you may have to run a 1/4-inch drill bit through the foot peg locating holes to accommodate your bike's old, wallowed-out peg pins. More good news: we now offer our finned Triumph motor mounts in two finishes: raw polished or matte black electroplate. Both styles include a bronze bushing for the brake lever pivot pre-installed. Sold in pairs only for $139.
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