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choprchik now onboard

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I'm a gal who loves to tinker in the garage. Had alot of help from my main men Chip and Mark building a 72 triumph 650 chopper. Look forward to finishing it soon. Can't wait to drive it to both their houses with one BIG GRIN on my face. Luv ya guys and THANKS!
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"a gal who loves to tinker in the garage" :eek:...Ooooh there are so many smart ass comments running through my mind, but I'll uncharacteristically keep my big mouth shut and just say welcome aboard :D
Triumphs rock ! Good luck with the build, and welcome.
It's always cool to hear about a gal who likes to do her own wrenching. Welcome and make sure you post a pic of that bike of yours!!
Welcome aboard!! Lets see some pics of the trump you're tinkering with.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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