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"CHOPPERTOWN" the movie for sale!!!

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the nightmare is over & DVD's are ready to be shiped out.
choppertown the movie with the sinners in it can be purchased at

you click on buy it now I think. I got the first box (selfish basterd) have to send to mom in florida. they say it takes a few weeks to ship. enjoy it & dont laugh at me too much.
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Ahhh! you got your balls on it:mad:
I hope that shot's not from the trailer. It could effect sales. :eek: ;)
I got one coming. Can't wait to see it.

And I will have a cool Choppertown shirt to wear also. :D
I ordered a copy...

Rico, I noticed that they said the delivery time may be up to 4 weeks. Do you have, or can you get, a closer estimate on how long it will be before they start shipping?


-Brian Bass
cool. I'll buy one right now

despite the man porn, even
I just tried to order a copy and after logging in to my paypal account I did hit the pay-button.I didn't receive a payment confirmation as the site told me about current technical problems and to try it later again...which I did.

A minute later,same problem. I then manually logged in to my paypal account and to my surprise I saw I paid the DVD TWO times...both payments did work although the site told me it doesn't...shit !

Just want to make you aware of this.So if the site tells you about some kind of a problem and asks you to try later again,check your paypal account first to see if the payment was received nonetheless...
Ordered mine . . . now for the wait . ooh the waiting !
Mine is ordered too ...

Can't wait anymore ... I'm waiting for so long now ... :)
I ordered mine just now. I cant wait. Slick bikes and ****-erotica........BONUS!!!!!!!!:D
I've been dying to see this....
SWEET! I've been checking the website like every day, waiting patiently for it to come out! Thanks for posting the update here... can't wait to see that shit! Now I'm going to be freakin' out waiting for it to get here!!:D
Ordered mine. Fatherfury, please don't teabag my copy.
Nappy said:
Ordered mine. Fatherfury, please don't teabag my copy.
It is the scratch and sniff "Special Edition".

Only prefered customers get that one I think. :)
Am I the only guy that is so cheap that I am going to beg Netfix to stock this instead of shelling out for my own?
I have Netflix too, but for some movies I just like to have box too. I sometime feel that you miss something when you "rent" a movie. You dont get the box or the little shit (like the booklet with this one) like you would if you went out and bought bought it. Hey didnt want to drop the coin either, but hey, to each is own!

gearhead77 said:
Am I the only guy that is so cheap that I am going to beg Netfix to stock this instead of shelling out for my own?
I would probably be waiting for a long time for Netflix to get it anyway. My crusade to get them to carry the Mad Fabricators DVDs has gone nowhere.

I'll get Choppertown for my girl for her birthday. This is how I usually justify spending on stuff I want. It looks like I can get it giftwrapped in a (nut)sack.
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