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paypal as a gift or cash ONLY!! in order of PMS. please dont write that its yours on my post. pm me for any questions or for more pics. if you dont like the price make an offer. always interested in trades. thanks

panhead front wheel 16" with star hub and very nice complete front brake. $0 plus shipping

panhead heads. one 1948 head (bottom left). the rest are mis. years. expect a broken fin or two but some dont. $0 each shipped in the 48

tanks. all in pretty nice shape. maybe a small ding but no dents. prices dont include shipping.
all sporty tanks $0.
wierd battle ship black tank $0
yellow mustang $0
blue wassell $0 (has made in england in the tunnel)
knock off wassell (diasho i think) $

AEE ? bars. 7/8" cool as hell $0 shipped

AEE sissy bar for ridgid. chrome isnt to bad, just has some rattle can overspray.$0 shipped


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