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So it has come time to rebuild my Ironhead so I need some funds. All prices are plus shipping and payment as PayPal gift or you cover the fee.

First up is a nice aluminum 40 spoke spool hub with 5/8" bearings. Gone

5/8" springer rockers with new bushings and axle. Looking to get $60---Gone

Springer parts lot, rockers in this package are bent, asking---Sold

Stock Ironhead bars, $15

Repop Fatbob tanks, little surface rust on outside from sitting on the shelf but inside still clean. Looking for----gone

Fab Kevin front 84 HD narrow glide brake setup. Just mocked up never ran, HD modified 9/16 master cylinder and custom stainless steel cable for 2 under narrow glide. Hoping to sell complete for $275

Koni shocks, --gone

21" 36 spoke Akront Rim, kind of rough,---Gone

18" 40 spoke aluminum rim. This one is real nice, not sure what it came off of. ---Gone

Aluminum fuel tank, rough, I was going to chop it up but havent gotten to it. $35

Metric gas tank, was going to chop this one up too, little rust on the inside. $25

I might be interested in 84 and newer 35mm narrow glide sliders could be shaved
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