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I'll post a few pictures of machines we have and ride. We lean toward Harley and Truimph because, well, that's what we like.

The hack is a hot rod '73 FLH with a trick sidecar. Fun to ride! That's me with a 1965 Ness Digger on our trailer with a engine fresh from 4 Aces in California.

The sporty chop is, as it says, 2 LOW and a challenge to ride. The pretty lady is astride a 1965 Truimph bobber, a ton of old school fun. The big twin chopper is sort of a resto-mod - a kick only EVO with a 4 speed.

There's a few more but you get the idea. They were all pretty forlorn when I got them but I spend about a year each to get them back in shape I do all the wrenching and ride them all regularly.
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