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Frame is a chopper Dave's hand made recreation of the old motorshop frames.

Single downtube, looped rear section surrounds the axle plates. Extremely well made. Nice clean lines.

2" up, no out, 35 degrees of rake. Motor and trans mounts setup for big twin and a 4 speed. Knucklehead, panhead, shovelhead. 1" neck, it accepts Harley neck cups for big twin.

The last pic shows the frame with a 8 over glide front end.

If you want to ship it in the Cont USA, $100 if you use greyhound. This means you have to go to a near by grey hound station to get it. Or UPS for $200 to your front door.

Will ship over seas, but will need to get a proper shipping quote to your location.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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