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Chinese Choppers

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That company is actually looking for people to buy into the company and become a dealer...It's like a giant chopper pyramid scheme. The best part is they don't actually have any product out yet. It's just strange to me.
mass produce these custom bikes
Say what now???

They want people to become dealers for them. Hmm, I wonder if when you buy into the company they wil give you a denim shirt with cut off sleaves and a fake handlebar mustach.
Django said:
Looks like they want to do the same thing to the McChopper world that they have done to the dirt bike world....put out exact copies of an old design for way less....
If you read further down it says this:

You will be shipped the body of the bike (engine and transmission not included).​

At this point you will decide what engine mount you want built for your bike.​

A DVD will be included in your dealers package on the proper way to install the engine and transmission.​

You will also receive a container of the paint in the color that you ordered for your bikes.​

In addition, you will also have access to other rims and accessories for the bikes, including Spinner chopper wheels.​
So, after you get it, all you have to do is finish putting it together and paint it and put accessories on it. It sound like they just ship you a roller and that's it.​
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...and who said you couldn't mass-produce cool on an assembly line

All I see is a nice flashy web site for a bogus operation to get your cash.
count me out.
I'M IN!!!!!!!!!....(just gotta get this Nigerian money order in the mail.)
I guess in theory, ya could just walk up and down the street in China and pick-up parts from all the lil' sweat shops making parts for HD, Custom Chrome, West Coast and alike .... American bikes my ass !..... HA ....
What the Fuck?

the first page says " don't have 50,000 for a motorcycle? we will mass produce them for affordibility.

but then when you click on the page about franchises owners, it says

if you only sell 10 bikes at 30,000.00 dollars each then you'll make money.

So the fucking mass produced bikes are going to be 30,000 dollars?

that's already higher then some of the cookie-cutter choppers here.

what a rip off.
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I'm calling bullshit on this one. Why? because if you look at their products page, you'll see a white tank with silver flake flames and a devil girl airbrushed on it. If you look at last months barnetts magazine, you'll see that same bike in a Big Dogs ad!!

hmmmmm something smells fishy and it ain't the sushi
"Diamond Choppers will purchase five $60,000 custom choppers. Afterwards they will be exported to China in which several different styles of the chopper motorcycles will be made identical to the ones shipped. You may have seen these bikes on the television show Orange County Choppers. We will make minor changes to the bikes so that our sellers will not be sued for any type of copyright infringement."
Chinese reverse engineering at it's finest! UNBELIEVABLE! These guys admit to copyright infringement up front, with a few minor changes of course. Pirated cds, dvds, and now ugly choppers. Now if they copied Vincent Black Shadows... -stick
yeah, but what's the point if you have to charge 30,000 dollars for them.

there's already a niche for 30,000 dollar bikes here.

now if they cost 8,000 that might work.

because we can already get kick ass choppers/bobbers from Fly-Rite choppers for under 12,000.00
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