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Check out my biker action novel FREE!

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My biker action novel D*E*D DEAD is available today and tomorrow for free as a Kindle.
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This isn't spam in my opinion...It's something that might be of interest to members, and it's FREE! What, I can't give away something to people who might enjoy it? Get over yourself, Zeeman. In the case it needs to be somewhere else, where would that be? I read the rules for classifieds and it didn't really fit. As I said, I just wanted to give something away. If that offends the moderators, so be it. Next time I won't bother.
I'm not offended, only surpised that I get flamed for trying to do a good thing. I've never posted about the book before, until it was offered for free. I'm nor on here much, because of some of the attitudes. I've been riding for over 40 years, don't need someone telling me my opinion isn't valid. In any case, I'll let it die. "No good deed ever goes unpunished"
Downloaded it - if i ever get a few mins to read it :)

Downloaded it - if i ever get a few mins to read it :)

I hope you like it....It's set in S. TN/N. AL
Thanks, I'm gonna check it out.
I hope you enjoy it.:)
Well Animal,good luck with yer book. I've read/watched less interesting stories before.
Will give it a read, thanks
Thanks! First download on my Kindle Fire. The kids got it for me 4 months ago, and this compelled me to figure the damn thing out ( yeah I'm not real swift with this hi tech shit).
I just ordered a copy using Paypal. Thanks
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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