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cheap place to buy a bike trailer

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hey guys, my dad was asking me if i could find him a good quality trailer for his harely. hes got a road king, and goes on lots of trips. it would have to be able to hold his bike and be able to go over 60 mph without breaking apart.

not trying to spend 10,000. talking like 2 grand tops.
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you should try or craigslist type classifieds, sometime you can find a deal.but do some research and know what your getting.
my dad said he wants something NEW.
sounds like he wants to buy a cadilac with volkswagen money .

did you try searching the internet , at all ? here's what I found on the first google search .
Metal scrap yard ! I shit you not I bought a brown and sharp mill for the price of scrap and I've seen trailers there .
thanks mike thats exactly what im looking for. thought id ask first before i wasted my time looking through bunch of ads(cuz thats all you get while trying to search the internet)
Northern tool has good deals, I bought a trailer from them 3 years ago and have been beating the piss out of it with no problems.
Hagen Welding up in Northern MN makes a good 4x8 or 5 x 9 for well less than a grand. 1-218-573-2110. Tell Kenny that Lyle sent you. He's made hundreds of them with a built in ramp.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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