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CV is a good and reliable carb. Quiet cheap to get at Ebay. You should try to get one from the late Evo or early TwinCams. They aren´t that worn yet. As far as I know there are no bigger changes during the years on those carbs.
Prices on Ebay over here are around 60$-80$..don´t know how they are sold over there in the states.

There is a rubber-mount available for Mikuni HSR Carbs that fits to the Shovel Manifold and also takes the CV-Carb.

I know from a lot of people who´re using Delortho Carbs on their Ironheads. Maybe that´s another thing to think about. Had one on my BT Shovel before I changed it for a CV and just can say that Delortho is an easy to handle carb, too.

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