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can't find the size front tire i need.....any idea's?

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Whats up guy's...

I have a 1.5" front rim (140x19) and i'm gonna need a tire to fit it...BUT, i don't want a new style tire..
Something along the line's of a Speedmaster rib is what i'm after.

So far the thinnest Speedmaster i've found in a 19" is a 3.25..not gonna work.
I stopped at a local shop and looked through most of his books and came up with nothing but the 3.25"..and all i found on eBay was the 3.25 as well...
Anyone know of something in the 2.25" area in either a Speedmaster or similar rib pattern?

Any help or direction would be great......

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TheFrenZ said:
Pakrat,I think the 3.25 Speedmaster is the "skinniest" 19 incher you'll find.I just had one of those in my hands two hours ago.I also favor skinny tires but I have to say this one looked really great ! The rest of the bike has to match the tire though if you know what I mean...if you want the skinniest tire at all,this one probably won't make it.I think it would look really cool on a "Hot Rod" type of bike with a short fork.I didn't like those tires too but that changed today.Like I said,you have to build the bike around it.
Other only choice would be to go for a 21 incher with an 3.00 Speedmaster.Have one on my bike too.A 2.75 Speedmaster would be even more cool but hose are hard to find...just ask Danny F.
Yes, it's hard but I got a NOS 2.75-21 Avon on my chop now ! :D
(thanks Yard Man) But, when they made those 2.75-21 speedmasters, they ALSO made a 2.75-19 and a 3.00-19 speedmaster..! And I'm almost sure that finding a 3.00 (or even 2.75) in 19" size is not as hard as a 21"...Ebay nights, hello! (by the way..I'm looking for a 1.40" or 1.50" front 21" rim, 40 holes..)
Knukkel said:
Did you check Haan wheels?

They had a 21" 40 spoke WM1 on stock! (well... not anymore)
I didn't check for WM0's, but I guess he could get them as well.
Yes I did call Weird Haan, he checked during my phonecall, he had two 21inchers (40 holes) in 1.60" (WM1) in stock, I have four WM1's in my that didn't helped...
Knuk, I can get 21" 40 holes 1.50" (WM0) Radelli's...but I need to take at least 50 of 'em before they start production...:(
VA Rebel said:
This may be a long shot, but check out this web site. They stock a bunch of strange tires (tyres?).

Lambrook Tyres
Yep, you got a couple options right there in 19" rib designs..2.75 & 3.00 Avons also..
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