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Can you tell me what this V-Twin is?

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A guy came in the other day, And I ended up buying this motor and trans made into some sort of a working farm power plant. I thought I knew what it was but seeking the internet and the people I thought would know I'm still not sure what make or year it is. Hopefully you guy's can help me out. Thanks Jeff

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1938 Junior Scout engine. Prolly the 66th one built.
No idea, but it is a neat little booger. Alex
Ya I really think it is a indian scout junior its very close to the bike picture you posted. Thanks alot for the information you guys are deffinatly quick. I do think I may very well sell it what do you guys think it would be worth and how rare would it be? Im just uploading a video on youtube under "Indian junior motor for sale". You can check out more on how it works and that the motor spins FREE and clutch works as well.

Thanks Jeff

Here is a link to the video.
Nice score... It's not everyday someone walks in with an Antique Indian
ECH -167 = 1938 Indian Pony , model = E , C=3 , H = 8

Jesus your town people walk in with this stuff!
wish it was mine !! grats man
I say keep it give it a rebuild and use it as the base for a cool scoot. Nice score by the way.
Here is our 38 Junior Scout, it's being rebuilt now as it was totally ragged out when we got it.

I bet it would be ok around town rebuilt.


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Flathead Sarge is full of shit. Although it's only 500 cc It will certainly go through a paper bag. Perhaps sarge ought to get out to BUB or speedweek to see what those little Indian 500cc engines can do (100+ mph). Remember, it's not a Harley, it's an Indian! With remarks like his, its no wonder so many folks have quit the AMCA recently.
It's why avoid clubs in general.
500 cc Indian Scout Jr./741 has enough oomph to get you down the road. It ain't gonna take a Ducati on mind you.....
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