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If no CPN inside the gear compartment, and no sign that it was removed, then the R-H case is 1970-74 if H-D. Because the CPN was not inside the gear compartment until 1975 models, as I mentioned above. Also as I mentioned earlier, the CPN for Shovel R-H cases was underneath for 1974 and earlier. Here’s a 1974 example: 174-1++++. BTW you’ll notice the 4 is the ‘tall’ version of the open-back style. It is the second of two types of open-back 4 used in that position for 1974.

Quote: ‘the stamping on the top is higher than the bottom, so no grinding, there are different parts of the case that make me believe the right side is after market and not an original HD.’

Not sure what you mean by ‘the stamping on the top is higher than the bottom.’

Your R-H case has H stamped on top at the rear which suggests it is a Harley case. What parts of the R-H case make you believe it is AM?
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